Photoshop: before and after, which do you prefer?

After posting my behind the scenes video illustrating how I lit a recent nude shoot with Ayla Sky, a number of people where interested in seeing the shots before I'd done any photoshop editing to them. So I thought I'd follow up with some before and after shots.

The following 8 shots from the shoot are the ones with the most post production applied and I'd be  really interested in hearing peoples views. The 'before' shot in each case has had very minimal/basic colour & contrast adjustments made in lightroom. The 'after' shots in most cases have had a few texture layers applied and in some a bit of selective blurring.

I've numbered all the shots for easy reference, so that just leaves the question, which do you prefer? let me know in the comments...


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Lighting #5 ~ Ayla Sky nude shoot with BTS video

Just before xmas I had a fantastic shoot with an amazing model called Ayla Sky, we shot two quite different sets over about 4-5 hours in the studio and had loads of fun while we were doing it. I put together this fairly lo-fi video {shot on my mobile phone!} to illustrate how I lit the two different sets.

One of the things I hope you will get from this is that you really don't have to have masses of super expensive equipment to create great images. In fact I have always found that a little bit of restriction  actually leads to more creative solutions, and a lot less faffing around! Indeed, when it comes to lighting, the old adage 'less is more' so often rings true.

Don't get me wrong, having great equipment at your disposal is not a bad thing at all, especially when you're doing professional commissions and need consistent reliability. But its not the be all and end all and it definitely does not guarantee that your images will be great.

You can see more of the finished images on my website ~


image23: lighting set up for a nude shoot with Ayla Sky from image23 on Vimeo.

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