Shoot Idea's #1 - The junk shop challenge

So here's the challenge...

-Create an outfit for a high fashion studio shoot on a budget of £20 using clothes from second hand shops
-The model would also be allowed to use 2-3 accessories of their own.
-Shoot in two parts, part one being a documentary style montage of the outfit being put together,
part two would be the finished outfit shot in the studio with full make-up etc.

This is an idea I've been wanting to do for a while now and when I told my friend Eve about it she was so enthusiastic, I couldn't help but ask her to get involved. Eve has never modelled  before, but some how I knew she would be brilliant and I'm glad to say she proved me right!

Dream charity shop


We managed to get all the clothes from a brilliant superstore of a charity shop in Crooks, Sheffield. They had loads to choose from and we didn't have any problem with putting a few awesome crazy outfits together for a mere £20. Eve developed a bit of a fetish for wearing lamp shades as head wear, here she is doing her best top model bit.

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Handing over the dollar, that extra quid was for a picture frame for me, we weren't cheatin!

Eve's sister Amy doing a fantastic job of the make up.Thanks Amy!

Time to shoot!

We actually managed to do two outfits in the end, shot high key for that fashion magazine look. I'm really pleased with the results and it was loads of fun to produce. Please feel free to try this idea out yourself and if you do, post back a comment with a link to your work, I'd love to see how other people approach this idea.

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