5 great websites for learning about photography

1. Strobist blogspot.

This blog is often credited with sparking the massive trend in off camera flash that we have seen over the last few years.It is an amazing resource of idea's, tips, techniques, reviews and industry news. The focus is primarily off camera flash and lighting techniques but also covers a plethora of other interesting and relevant topics.

2. Fstoppers

A fairly new blog covering a wide range of behind the scenes video's from a vast array of photographers around the globe.

3. Adobe TV

Loads of 'how to' video's covering all the adobe software packages.

4. Luminous landscape

In-depth articles and tutorials on pretty much all aspects of photography. I particularly enjoyed the 'understanding series' which covers everything from exposure to raw files with such depth and clarity that even if you feel like you know about a certain subject, you are likely to understand it a great deal better after reading.

5. Photography on the net - canon digital photography forum

This is a great forum covering so many aspects of photography many of which are not actually Canon specific.

Enjoy ;)

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