Ayla Sky nude shoot 2 { BTS video }

Over the summer I had another marvellous shoot with one of my favourite models, Ayla Sky. We rented a fantastic little one bedroom shack out in the middle of nowhere to use as the location and spent all day shooting there.

I set up a video camera on a tripod and left it running as we where working and also shot some HD footage on the 7D. What follows is a 6min edit of all that footage along with a few of the finished images.

For this shoot I wanted to keep things simple and use lots of natural (or natural looking) light. I used the canon 7D, 24-105 F4 lens, 50mm f1.4 lens and the 320ex flash through a shoot through umbrella.  The flash was triggered using the 7D built in flash, which worked pretty well and meant I could keep the camera in AV mode and not worry too much about the changing ambient light level.

I was basically using the flash just to bolster the light coming in through the windows, and occasionally to create a bit of lens flare to create the illusion of sunlight coming through the windows (it was overcast and raining pretty much the whole time we where there!)

If you missed it you can find my post on the first shoot I did with Ayla here

You can see more of the finished images on my website ~ www.image23.co.uk


Click through for the video and more pictures...

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